At our Dutch headquarters it is already freezing. A beautiful sight we woke up to: a bright blue sky, the world covered in a thin layer of white frost. Though there are a lot of enjoyable things about this season, it has got it’s downside too. With the cold weather, less sun hours and more time spent indoors, many people experience mild depressive symptoms. It’s what we call the ‘winter blues’.

Did you know tanning can actually help ward off this winter blues thing? No, a tanning bed is not the same as a daylight lamp (which may also help), but it works in a different way. 3 ways, actually!

1. Tanning = more Vitamin D3 = less winter blues

Tanning makes your body produce vitamin D3. A very important substance in many processes, vitamin D3 (which is actually a hormone, not a vitamin) is important to balance out your mood. While vitamin D deficiency is very common among the western population, research has shown vitamin D can significantly improve symptoms of depression.
Source: Dr. Mercola (USA)

2. The ‘epo-effect’

Tanning improves blood circulation and has a natural epo-effect. This basically means it increases the amount of oxygen that can be transported by the blood. When your cells have more oxygen at hand you naturally feel more energetic, lighter and healthier.

3. Sunlight = Endorphins = 🙂

You know endorphins? The feelgood-substance our body produces when we cuddle? The natural painkiller our body produces when giving birth? The stuff that gives you your ‘runner’s high’? Well, sunlight makes your body produce more endorphins too! Pretty cool uh?
Source: National Center for Biotechnoloogy Information

Well, you got the message. Feeling blue? Run to your nearest salon and go treat that wonderful body of yours to some vitamin D, oxygen and endorphins. Don’t forget your favorite bottle of PD 😉