We explained to you before why and how our outdoor lotions are great to help you nourish and protect your skin. But there is more than using our lotions that you can do to keep your skin healthy and glowing. And we just love to make people shine! So here’s our 4 ways to naturally boost your skin health.

1. Drink. Lots. Of . Water!

What a no-brainer, isn’t it? Drinking water is important for overall health: we all know the bigger part of our bodies is made up of water. And as important as it is to keep your skin hydrated with a good lotion, it’s at least equally important to keep it hydrated from the inside out. When you go tanning you will dehydrate even faster than normal so it’s important to drink extra so your body and skin stay hydrated!

2. Eat carotens!

Carotens are… well, for example found in carrots J. They give them their orange color. Carotens are also found in sweet potatoes, tomatoes and leafy green vegetables. When tanning, our skin uses carotens to achieve that golden color we desire so much, and it helps prevent sunburn. We use caroten complexes in our lotions, but for optimal results be sure to put them on your plate, too!

3. Eat fat.

Say what? Yup, you read that right. Eating the right kind of fat will help your skin stay firm and healthy. Omega 3’s from avocado’s, olive oil, nuts and seeds, fish and shellfish are extremely good for your skin. Today, we consume too much omega 6 compared to omega 3, which makes us prone to inflammation. This also has a profound effect on the health and appearance of our skin. Consuming more omega 3’s will balance this out and will give you that healthy glow from the inside out. Fats also have important nutrients like vitamin E and D. Don’t run away from saturated fats either: they often contain a lot of vitamins and help you build strong cell walls. Stay away from trans fats.4

4. Get some sleep.

Plenty of sleep works wonders for your skin. Most of us have experienced what lack of sleep does to our appearance and our skin health. We’re not telling you to get to bed before 10 every night. We think warm summer nights with friends, awesome sunsets and crazy beach parties are definitely the way to enjoy oneself (you know joy is the most healthy feeling on the planet!). Just make sure show your body and skin some TLC and get some sleep, too!

Nourishing your skin and enabling you to get the darkest, deepest, most beautiful golden glow is something we do together. While we’ll provide you with the ultimate nourishment and protection from the outside in, you can do it from the inside out.