Sunlight is vital to all life on earth. We couldn’t live without it! Enjoying the nourishing rays of the sun can be pleasant ánd healthy, as long as we do it wisely. The most important thing is to make sure your skin doesn’t burn. Here’s our 5 favorite tips to prevent sunburn!

1. Look up what the UV-index is in your area. Do you use a tanning bed? If in Europe, multiply the minutes you

use the tanning bed by 12 and then divide by the UV-index. This will give you an indication of the time you can spend in the sun unprotected. It is still an indication though: the exact amount of UV-rays you get from the sun varies continuously and can never be predicted precisely.

2. Wear a hat (ultimately hip this summer!) and/or protective clothing, if you wish to stay in the sun longer than that.

3.Use sunscreen. Important note: use sunscreen only AFTER you have been exposed to the sun unprotected for a while. After applying sunscreen, UV-light will no longer penetrate the skin and you won’t produce the vitally important vitamin D. Preferably, choose a sunscreen without parabens: like Peau d’Or SPF 15 or 30.

4. Make sure your skin has enough nutrients available to protect itself from sunburn (hence, to develop a tan!). A good quality cream with tan-enhancing nutrients can help. But nutrients also need to come from the inside. Make sure you get enough carotens in your diet from carrots, tomatoes or green leafy vegetables, omega 3’s from fish and olive oil and enough water to stay keep your skin healthy and well hydrated.

5. Gradually build up a tan under a tanning bed that provides UV-B as well as UV-A rays. UV-B is what activates your skin’s mechanism to protect itself from sunburn. It will alsostimulate your production of vitamin D and make you tan more deeply, as opposed to UV-A rays that make you tan quickly, but superficial. Ask about it at your tanning salon. When building up a tan in the sun, take into account the UV-index and your skin type. Gradually build up with 2-5 minutes longer each time. As you can never be really sure about the amount of UV-light from the sun, better be on the safe side!

What’s your favorite way to protect yourself from sunburn?