Autumn is here! Do you love it just like we do? The smell of rain and damp air, the awesome colors, being up before the sun and watching it rise… or how about getting to wear that cosy knitted scarf again! Oh, how we could go on about it…

After the sunny, cheerful and outgoing energy of summer begins to fade, everything turns more inward during autumn. Trees drop their leaves, plants retreat into the earth, we retreat into our houses and our warm coats. As the sun moves farther away from us and temperatures drop, something inside us awakens: we start to create our own light and warmth from within. We make our homes cosy, light candles, enjoy the company friends and family, drink hot chocolate, light the fireplace and wear clothes that make us feel comfy and warm.

With all this inward-turning energy, autumn is an awesome time to nourish yourself inside and out. Taking the time to care for your body and show it some TLC. Because inside and out are not really seperate things… You know how you can feel beautiful and deeply nourished after just a simple bath and applying a soft and moisturizing lotion all over your body? Well, that’s what we’re talking about. Soul-food, that is.

And there is one more thing about autumn and the sun moving farther away and all. It’s vitamin D. Your body makes it out of cholesterol when your skin is exposed to sunlight. Depending on your latitude, the power of the sun is often too little to provide you with the UV-light needed for vitamin D production outside the summer months. That’s why granny always gave her children cod liver oil during the cold season! We don’t know why we stopped doing that, but we do know that at this time, about 50% of western population is vitamin D-deficient. Don’t like cod liver oil? Luckily we have tanning beds now. Most tanning salons even have tanning beds designed to optimize vitamin D production!

So, put on that awesome knitted scarf and those cool mittens you’ve been keeping in the closet for the past half year or so. Hop by your local tanning salon, go get some vitamin D and show your skin some TLC with a rich layer of Peau d’Or lotion. Our silky, rich 365 moisturizer is perfect for after tanning or after a bath. Go nourish yourself! Wishing you a wonderful, cosy autumn.


The Peau d’Or team.