We all know caviar as the ultimate snack for VIP’s. But did you know caviar is not only very tasty and exclusive, but also very very healthy? Caviar was considered a beauty and fertility food in many ancient cultures. Fertility, you ask? Yep. Did you know beauty and fertility often go hand in hand? This is because biologically, we are programmed to perceive signs of health and fertility as attractive. You see, a healthy and fertile partner is the key to a successful passing on of your genes. And so mother nature made us fall for that.

The latest insights on the health benefits of caviar

Nowadays we have the science to back up caviar’s awesomeness. Caviar contains very important Omega 3 fatty acids, and it is extremely rich in vitamins. One of the vitamins found in large amounts in caviar is Vitamin D: not only the number 1 fertility nutrient but also of vital importance for many many processes in the body. A nutrient of which 40 – 60% of the worlds population is deficient in! As you might know, exposure to UV-light makes your skin produce vitamin D. So, our skin is very important for our vitamin D levels. But vitamin D levels are also important for our skin! It plays a crucial role in skin cell growth and renewal: Without it, your skin will become thinner and more fragile, which will make it prone to dryness and wrinkling.

Omega 3 fatty acids also contribute greatly to skin health. They help build up healthy cell walls: this not only protects your skin cells by keeping the bad stuff out, it also allows for the right nutrients to flow into your cells. Thus keeping your skin firm, elastic, nourished and glowing. No wonder our ancestors perceived caviar as a sacred health food. A true food for VIP’s. And aren’t we all Very Important Persons? We like to think so.

The new Peau d’Or VIP Caviar

As we learned about the health effects of caviar we decided to dedicate a product to it. You can find caviar extract in one of our newest top-lotions: VIP Caviar. Indulge yourself in health and nourishing exclusivity!