You probably heard of them. Bronzers are ingredients used in tanning lotions that have an instant browning effect on the skin. When using a lotion with bronzers your skin will have an extra deep color already right after tanning. At Peau d’Or, we use bronzers in the majority of our products. Actually, in all of them except 3: The Original Black, Pure and Satin Noir. All our other lotions contain bronzers in various amounts.

2 types of bronzers: DHA & Erythrulose

Actually, there are only 2 ingredients known to have a browning effect on the skin without the influence UV-light: DHA (SmashGold bronzers) and Erythrulose (Smart-Dark bronzers). Both ingredients work in a similar way: a reaction in the upper skin layer makes your skin look nice and tanned. This reaction does not involve the skin pigmentation mechanisms that are activated by UV-light, but it is definitely not a dye either: as this reaction occurs IN the upper skin layer, you can’t really wash it off. So doesn’t it stain, then? You might ask. Well, let us tell you: we do recommend you put a little effort in trying to apply our bronzing lotions evenly. But we have put a lot of effort in creating our blends so that your chance of staining is minimal, even if you are, like most of us, not always perfectly precise.

In the case of DHA (we named it: ‘SmashGold bronzers’), this effect is rather fast. The amount is indicated by a K-rating (on a scale from 0 to 24K). Erythrulose (Smart-Dark bronzers) requires some time to reach its full effect. Also, the browning effect from both ingredients differs slightly in color. Where DHA gives you more of an orange-brown color, the effect of Erythrulose is slightly more yellowish-brown.

The art is in the balance

Every tanning lotion company uses these same two ingredients. So what makes our lotion different? Well, it’s all a matter of combining exactly the right amounts of these ingredients, accompanied by a perfect combination of other tanning and skin-nurturing ingredients. To make your skin look awesomely tanned, and at the same time making sure that it doesn’t stain easily. We’ve made it a sport, really. That perfect mixture is what will give you that unique Peau d’Or look (translation: ‚Golden Skin‘).