Summer is coming! Time to get out your summer wardrobe, if you haven’t already. And where there’s less fabric, there’s more skin to show… so in essence, your skin is part of your summer wardrobe too! So how to make it glow and shine optimally? Here are some tips!

1. Build up your tan slowly with an SPF lotion

It’s essential for your skin to get the opportunity to adapt itself to sun exposure in it’s own pace. That means: gradually build up UV exposure, make sure your skin has plenty of nutrients to adapt itself to sun exposure and to make sure you DON’T BURN. To help you with all of that, Peau d’Or has a line of sun protection lotions for use outside. Lotions that keep your skin hydrated and nourished, in 3 different SPF’s: 6, 15 and 30.

2. Use a lotion that reduces free radicals

All of our SPF lotions contain our revolutionary UV-rejuvenating Complex: a scientific blend of ingredients that reduce free radicals to help protect and rejuvenate your skin. Free radicals are harmful parts formed in the skin due to external factors such as UV-light, dryness, pollution and particularly sunburn. Free radicals are what mainly causes skin aging. They are a natural part of life and cannot be completely eliminated, yet we can greatly reduce the amount of free radicals with a little care and the right nutrients to keep our skin as young, shiny and healthy as possible. And that’s what our UV-rejuvenating complex does for you!

3. Consider using a lotion with bronzer

We have all 3 SPF lotions available with bronzers as well, to give you a golden glow right after applying already. To read more about how bronzers work, click here. Our outdoor tanning lotions are pleasant smelling, easy to use and quickly absorbed, to make sure the beach stays where it belongs.

We advice you to use our SPF’s to help your skin gradually adjust to sun exposure, not to entirely block it off. Try to spend a little time in the sun unprotected every day (to build up protection and vitamin D). But most importantly, do not let your precious summer wardrobe burn! Your local tanning salon professional can help you choose the right SPF for your skin type and tan level.

Go dress yourself in a healthy glow!


The Peau d’Or team