Did you know the pigment in our skin is called ‘melanin’? And that it protects us against sunburn and makes our skin look naturally tanned? The secret to a safer/ darker tan, science tells us, is boosting the natural melanin levels. And we have found a way to do just that! Did you think a dark natural tan is always unsafe? Oh boy’s and girls, do we have some good news for you!

What is melanin exactly?

In this picture you can see clearly what happens when portions of the skin don't produce melanin pigment.

In this picture you can see clearly what happens when portions of the skin don’t produce melanin pigment.

Humans are found in many different shades and colors: some naturally have a lot of melanin, and some don’t. But, except for people with a condition named albinism, everyone has some, and your skin is stimulated to produce more of it when exposed to UV-light.

So, to tan, your skin needs UV-light. (See also: ‘How tanning works‘.) But apart from that, there are several factors that influence production of melanin in the skin. Factors like your skin type, for example, wich cannot be changed of course. But there are actually things you can do to help your skin produce more melanin!

Your skin wants to produce an adequate amount of melanin after UV-exposure: because it wants to protect you. All it needs from you is the right conditions. To form melanin, your body needs anti-oxidants (like carotens and CoQ10, for example). It also needs an amino acid called Tyrosin. All these nutrients are used for many different processes in the body. And whenever your body has a limited supply of nutrients, your skin comes somewhere at the bottom of the list.

How to achieve a darker tan by boosting your melanin levels

The best way to make sure there is enough of these nutrients for your skin to tan and protect itself is to put it exactly where it needs to be at exactly the right time. Yes that would be in your tanning lotion. That is how we came up with our famous Melanin Boost Complex™. A scientific blend of natural nutrients, including the important amino acid called Tyrosin, to make sure your skin has all the ingredients at hand to profit fully from your tanning session. So it can be happy and healthy and shiny and golden.

What products contain Melanin Boost Complex™?

Melaning Boost Complex can only be found in Peau d’Or tanning lotions. You’ll find this unique complex in ALL product of our Pure Elements and Exquisite-line products.