Peau d’Or® manufactures so called ‘tanning lotions’. In other words; lotions that were specifically designed for an optimal and more healthy tanning result from tanning with tanning beds.

The lotions need to be applied just before exposing your skin to uv-light. Active ingredient complexes will make sure you tan faster, deeper and darker but also keep your skin hydrated and help with and overall more healthy tanning experience.

We do not recommend to use our products outside. Although sun beds are subject to negative stories we, and many famous scientists, believe it’s still the safest environment to get a tan while the intensity of the light is controllable and because sun beds have timers that will turn of the lights in case you fall asleep.

Tanning in direct sunlight is much more risky!
– The intensity of the sun is hard to measure and always different!
– When you fall asleep the sun won’t turn off
– There is no professional to give you personal tanning advice

We do recommend you to get advice from a professional (tanning salon staff) on which bed you should use and for how long. A professional will start with determining your skin type and ask for your personal experience regarding tanning. He/she will also give you personalized advice on what tanning bed to use, for how long and which lotion suits you the best.