We have many extraordinary ingredients, natural substances and scientific complexes that we love to tell you about. Like real gold, our famous Melanin Boost Complex® or aloe vera. But there’s more to making a good tanning lotion. There is actually a whole lot of ingredients involved: some of wich we don’t regularly brag about 😉 but are still very much worth mentioning. A little less extraordinary maybe, but still awesome! To give them the attention they deserve, we bring you a series of our ‘secret ingredients’: ingredients not hugely announced on our packaging and marketing, but awesome nonetheless!

Secret ingredient #1: jojoba

Jojoba is not uncommon in cosmetic products and you’ve probably heard of it before. But it has some really cool properties you might not be aware of yet! Jojoba is a bush, native to the southwest of North America. From the seeds of this plant a waxy substance can be extracted, called jojoba oil. The chemical make-up of this waxy substance resembles human sebum (the protective fatty layer on your skin) more closely than other vegetable oils.

What does that mean? Well, for one: in contrary to other popular oils, jojoba oil does not go rancid. It just doesn’t. It also means it can help restore your skins own protection layer and nourishes the skin. And hair, too: restoring the protective fatty layer especially comes in handy in a time where we have accustomed ourselves to washing our hair several times a week, thus damaging it’s own balance of fat. Jojoba heals, soothes and protects from dryness. For centuries, Native Americans have used jojoba to treat sores and wounds. It works especially well for burns.

On top of that, jojoba is a known fungicide. It is not only a healing ingredient, but also a natural preservative. Well, we think you got the point now: for those who are after a healthy tan and a natural glow, jojoba is essential!

If you like to learn some more awesome facts about jojoba, make sure to check out the video below!