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24 Carat™

The best tanning lotion in the universe


24 Carat™ – With real gold…

With Real Gold! At moments in history, the rules need to be rewritten, where we have to change everything we know for something new. We wanted to shake the world of tan lovers by making the best indoor tanning lotion available to mankind! Introducing 24 Carat™, an insanely rich blend of premium tanning and skin care featuring cutting edge tanning technology and even real gold dust! Peau d’Or® 24 Carat™, let’s change the rules.

Product type: Tanning Lotion (?) Carats: 24 (maximum) (?)

Suggested European Retail Prices

€ 129,95 / 200ml
€ 22,95 / 30ml

parallax layer

peau-dor-24-carat-tanning-lotionAvailable in 30ml

Also available in a 30ml flacon (2 tanning sessions).

Suggested European Retail Price: € 18,95

Instant & Delayed Bronzing Power


Tan Darkness & Duration


Anti-Aging & UV Damage Repair


Overall potency