Tahnee Black

Complete absorption of sunlight

The darkest color

Black is the darkest of colors. It’s the result of complete absorption of light what tanning is all about. Intensify your tan naturally with Tahnee Black and take your tan to a whole new level of awesome! Rub it in and let the magic happen. Filled to the top with the latest tanning technology for a healthy skin with a golden glow.

Product Type: Tanning Lotion

A tanning lotion is the term for a lotion that is specifically designed for use in combination with UV tanning, to hydrate the skin and to accelerate the tanning process. These lotions contain no protection factor and do not prevent sunburn.

Single Use Sachet

Also available in 15ml single-use package.

Natural Tanning Power


Moisturizing Power


Overall potency



Tropic Tan Enhancers

A rich blend of natural extracts that will take your tan to a tropical level of awesome! WARNING: Tropic Tan Enhancers will cause an unbelievable tanning result!

Xtreme Moist™

Make sure your skin is moisturized to the extreme! Good hydration is essential in getting the perfect tan. With Xtreme Moist™ your skin won’t be thirsty any more!

Tyrosine Boost™

Tyrosine stimulates the making of natural melanin in the skin. Melanin is the primary determinant for skin colour, or in other words: your tan! Tyrosine Boost™ enhances a 100% natural tanning process to get a durable and ultimate dark tan.

Tan Fresh™ Technology

Anti-odour, pro-freshness! Stay fresh during and after tanning with our patented Tan Fresh™ technology

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is an antioxidant that helps to prevent signs of skin aging due to possible negative effects of UV light.