Extandit Moisturizer

The party just ain't over yet!

Tahnee Extandit – The afterparty

The party is not over yet! Your skin gets to do a lot of celebrating after your tanning session. Just Extandit™: the after party for your skin. If you want your tan to last longer and your skin to feel soft and smooth, take it to the next level.

Suggested European Retail Price:

€ 5,95 / 100ml

Product Type: Moisturizer

The secret to a great looking tan is not only using a tanning lotion while tanning but also using a good moisturizer afterwords. A moisturizer helps re-hydrate the skin. This lotion includes additional vitamins to help protect and repair your skin after tanning. For everyday use and for every skin type.


CoQ10 Anti-Aging

Co-enzym Q10 is an essential antioxidant found in every living cell that provides the energy source for cellular renewal and smooth, firm skin.

Xtreme Moist™

Make sure your skin is moisturized to the extreme! Good hydration is essential in getting the perfect tan. With Xtreme Moist™ your skin won’t be thirsty any more!

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is an antioxidant that helps to prevent signs of skin aging due to possible negative effects of UV light.

Hibiscus Extracts Anti-Aging

Hibiscus, the surf flower from Hawaii, is known for its healing powers. It is one of the best antioxidants that nature provided us with. Using a good antioxidant for your skin before, during and after tanning is essential in keeping your skin healthy! We love Hawaii!

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a wonderful, natural moisturizer and Color Prepare Agent™ that prevents dehydration of the skin and helps to achieve the best tanning result.

Acay Berry Extract

The Acai berry is a high potent anti-oxydant an very nutritious. It contains a rich source of iron, calcium,vitamin E and fibre. Acai berry extract helps numerous ailments and is a support for a healthy golden looking tan.