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Colour Your Life with Tahnee

Tahnee® is the label of a cool new series of products powered by Peau d'Or® and the perfect choice for when you are looking for the highest quality, beyond great results and an unprecedented value for money.


Boulevard Bronze™

Black Diamond™

Aloha Ahoe™

Intenz Black™

Black Amber™

Black Curves™

Featured products

Check out the Tahnee flagship product Black Curves and our after-tanning bestselling moisturizer Extandit.

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Aloha Ahoe

Did you know the famous Hawaiian ‘Aloha’ does not just mean ‘hello’? It’s also used to express love and gratitude.

We’d like to say Aloha to all suntan lovers worldwide with Aloha Aloe™. An Aloe Vera based lotion made with love for your skin and gratitude for nature.

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Tahnee Extandit


The secret to a great looking tan is not only using a tanning lotion while tanning but also using a good moisturizer afterwords.

Extandit™ is the perfect ‘after party’ for your skin. If you want your tan to last longer and your skin to feel soft and smooth, use Extandit to take your tan to the next level.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use a tanning lotion?

3 Major benefits:

#1 Get tanned faster, darker and deeper. Tahnee tanning lotions speed up the natural tanning process and maximize your tanning result with the help of the latest dimension bronzing blends and superb tan enhancing complexes.

#2 Improve your skins health. With our advanced anti-aging complexes, natural anti-oxidants, intense moisturizers and skin firming complexes. Tahnee makes your skin feel softer than ever before!

#3 Reduce the risk of skin damage and save money! With a tanning lotion from Tahnee you can now achieve the same tanning results with less exposure to uv light.

Are these lotions good for my skin?

Yes they are! When used properly they will even reduce the risk of any skin damage related to uv light exposure!
This is how:

Fact #1: less sun, same result.
A tanning lotion will speed up the natural tanning process. This means you will get tanned faster and darker with the same amount of uv-light. You can achieve a great tan with less exposure to uv light!

Fact #2: premium skincare.
Tahnee® lotions feature advanced anti aging technology, powerful antioxidants and skin firming ingredients. They will help to reduce skin damage from uv-light, fight signs of skin aging and make your skin soft and silky!

What product should I choose?

Tahnee® offers different sort of products. Below you can read more about the different categories.

Intensifiers without bronzers
These lotions will help to achieve a darker and longer lasting tan with the help of intense tan enhancers and boosting complexes but also keep your skin moisturized and healthy with anti-oxidants and anti-aging technology.


Intensifiers with bronzers
Supreme skincare, natural tan enhancers and tan boosting complexes expanded with the most modern instant and delayed bronzing technology. Less uv-light needed for a tan that looks awesome!

– Boulevard Bronze™
– Frantic Famous™
– Most Wanted™
– Black Amber™

After tanning / moisturizer
Using an excellent moisturizing lotion to repair and nutrition your skin after tanning is key in achieving the nicest healthy looking tan and a soft and silky skin. Extandit will fulfil all your skins cravings.

– Extandit™

How can I compare the different products?

To compare our different products you can have a look at our product comparison sheet. Click here to view! (PDF)