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Everything Gold™

Luxurious and shiny, like the most precious of metaIs. That’s what this lotion is all about. Our top of the bill tanning and anti-aging ingredients will fulfill your desire for that deep dark and healthy golden glow. Combined with our CollaXtreme™ collagen booster, this makes Everything Gold™ very suitable for hybrid tanning. Are you ready to make yourself feel precious? You are so worth it! Look around you. When you shine from within, everything turns golden.

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365 Hydratant

The secret to a great looking tan is
not only using a tanning lotion
while tanning  but also using a
good moisturizer afterwords.

Hydration equals care! So why not use the best moisturizer around? Peau d’Or® 365 Hydratant™ will help extend your precious tan and make your skin smooth and soft. Peau d’Or® Adore Your Skin!

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The most luxury tanning lotions in the world!

24 Carat V2™

With the launch of the original 24 Carat™ lotion we truly stirred up the tanning lotions market. No brand before us had achieved to make such a powerful tanning lotion. Well-known beauty bloggers and magazines unanimously praised this lotion. But now it’s time to raise the bar once again!

24 Carat™ V2 was redeveloped from the ground up and delivers more premium tanning power.  It features all of our advanced tanning and skincare ingredients.

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Diamonds area girl’s best friend! This lotion turns your tanning session into a wildly exclusive self care ritual. With real gold and diamond dust, the best tanning and skin care ingredients and a fair amount of revolutionary bronzers, Peau d’Or® Diamonds will have you walking out of your tanning session all sparkly, deeply tanned and feeling utterly exclusive – ready for showtime!+

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Make room for the new N1 tanning lotion in the world! Peau d’Or® Platinum™ has it all: the most potent skincare and tanning ingredients. Stay tanned up to 49% longer thanks to the famous Tan-Extend Complex™ and tan up to 28% darker with Deep ‘n Dark Intensifier™. Also features the all-new Platinum Melanine Complex™ that increases the natural melanine (pigment) in the basal layer of your skin up to 43%! Thanks to the UV-Rejuvenating Complex™, that significantly reduces risks of tanning, you can feel safe during your most epic tanning sessions.

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Gold Drops™

Peau d’Or® Gold DropsTM are the ultimate tan-enhancer for advanced tanners. Made out of pure natural oils. Just apply on top of your regular lotion and be stunned by the results!.

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