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Peau d'Or Essence

The Essence of tanning

Original Black™

Ibiza Black™

Double Black™

Bronze Extréme™

Infinite Black™


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Check out the Tahnee flagship product Black Curves and our after-tanning bestselling moisturizer Extandit.

Red Velvet

Let’s be honest. Does your heart really settle for middle-class? Does material stu really make you happy? Or do you long for something else? Do you feel that burning re within?

Red Velvet™ is a tribute to moulin rouge and the bohemien lifestyle. Free, abundant, emotional and wild. Go travel! Go tan! Dare to wander and feel sexy along the way with Red Velvet™.

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365 Hydratant Peau d'Or365 Hydratant

The secret to a great looking tan is not only using a tanning lotion while tanning but also using a good moisturizer afterwords.

Extandit™ is the perfect ‘after party’ for your skin. If you want your tan to last longer and your skin to feel soft and smooth, use Extandit to take your tan to the next level.

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Peau d'Or Pure Elements

Lush & Luxury


Pure Men™

Coco Black™

Red Velvet™

Kinetic Gold™

Satin Noir™

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Peau d'Or VIP

Tan like your famous!

VIP Gold™

VIP Caviar™

VIP Diamonds™

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The most luxury tanning lotions in the world!

24 Carat V2™

With the launch of the original 24 Carat™ lotion we truly stirred up the tanning lotions market. No brand before us had achieved to make such a powerful tanning lotion. Well-known beauty bloggers and magazines unanimously praised this lotion. But now it’s time to raise the bar once again! 24 Carat™ V2 was redeveloped from the ground up and delivers more premium tanning power. It features all of our advanced tanning and skincare ingredients.


Make room for the new N1 tanning lotion in the world! Peau d’Or® Platinum™ has it all: the most potent skincare and tanning ingredients. Stay tanned up to 49% longer thanks to the famous Tan-Extend Complex™ and tan up to 28% darker with Deep ‘n Dark Intensifier™. Also features the all-new Platinum Melanine Complex™ that increases the natural melanine (pigment) in the basal layer of your skin up to 43%! Thanks to the UV-Rejuvenating Complex™, that significantly reduces risks of tanning, you can feel safe during your most epic tanning sessions.