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Peau d'Or Essence

The Essence of tanning

Original Black™

Ibiza Black™

Double Black™

Bronze Extréme™

Infinite Black™


Featured products

Check out the Tahnee flagship product Black Curves and our after-tanning bestselling moisturizer Extandit.

Super Nova Peau d'OrSupernova

This tanning lotion embodies the very meaning of supersexy: a dark healthy tan and an immaculate firm skin.

The Goldtone Instant & Time Released bronzers guarantee a dark natural looking tan while the special anti-cellulite firming peptides will make your skin feel tight and look amazing.

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365 Hydratant Peau d'Or365 Hydratant

The secret to a great looking tan is not only using a tanning lotion while tanning but also using a good moisturizer afterwords.

Extandit™ is the perfect ‘after party’ for your skin. If you want your tan to last longer and your skin to feel soft and smooth, use Extandit to take your tan to the next level.

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Peau d'Or Pure Elements

Lush & Luxury


Coco Black™

Kinetic Gold™

Satin Noir™

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Peau d'Or VIP

Tan like your famous!

VIP Gold™

VIP Caviar™

VIP Diamonds™

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The most luxury tanning lotions in the world!

Pearl Noir™

The mythical Black Pearl is the perfect symbol for what to expect of this exquisite tanning lotion from Peau d’Or®: wealthy, pure and dark tanning! The finest in skin care combined with the very best in tanning featuring our latest inventions: the Deep ‘n Dark Intensifier™ and Tan-Extend Complex™.

24 Carat™

At moments in history, the rules need to be rewritten. We wanted to shake the world of tan lovers by making the best indoor tanning lotion available to mankind! Introducing 24 Carat™, an insanely rich blend of premium tanning and skin care featuring cutting edge tanning technology and even real gold dust!