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Why gold is a sunbathers best friend

By February 7, 2016 No Comments

Gold has always had something about it. Throughout history, people have gone through great lengths to get it. We decorate ourselves with it in the form of jewellery. Men give it to the women in their life as a sign of their love for her. We use gold in wedding rings, symbols of the ritual bond we make with the love of our lives. Gold has been used in ancient ceremonies to achieve a higher state of consciousness. But besides all this, gold is said to have all kinds of health benefits as well, some of which are especially interesting for sunbathers!

As a colloidal solution, gold is used to treat lots of conditions from mental blockages and to strenghten the immune system. There has been research indicating that gold has anti-inflammatory properties and can be used to treat inflammatory conditions like arthritis. There is scientific evidence gold can up your IQ by a few points. Cool, isn’t it? Yes, gold definitely has something about it.

It is also believed to have a rejuvenating effect and help repair our DNA, which is very good news for sunbathers! People who like to get a suntan expose themselve to real or artificial sunlight (sunbed). Although sunlight is also important for getting enough Vitamin D, it’s also known (especially when being overexposed) for causing early skin aging. This is why we add premium rejuvenating complexes to all our tanning lotions, one of which, yes you guessed it, real gold!

We added this very special shiny, luxury, high-vibration ingredient to show you that we are serious when it comes to tanning. You can imagine it’s not a cheap ingredient but when we learned about its rejuvenating properties we did not hesitate for a second. At this moment, real gold is used as an ingredient in our flagship lotion: 24 Carat.

But there’s more coming! We are working on a new luxurious line of products to nourish your inner kings and queens. A line of the most beautiful, rich, nourishing, luxurious lotions. With gold, oh yes. Because you are special.

We ♥ you.

the Peau d’Or team


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