Pomegranate Extract

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Pomegranates originate from Persia where they have been grown for centuries. The Egyptians thought that pomegranate juice was actually a life-elixir that would make one immortal. We do know for sure that pomegranate extract is great for your skin! Especially for tanners as it relieves oxidative
stress. Pomegranate extract is a rich natural source for potasssium, vitamin C and Omega 4-5.

  • Infinite Black 250ml

    12 carats

    Immediate results, without staining.

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  • Superior Black 250ml

    13 carats

    For a deeper, longer lasting tan. Protects against UV.

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  • Ibiza Black 250ml

    6 carats

    Soft and healthy skin with a beautiful tan!

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  • Double Black 250ml

    7 carats

    Speeds up the natural tanning process.

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  • Irresistable Black 250ml

    11 carats

    Immediate results, without staining.

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  • The Original Black 250ml

    4 carats

    This lotion provides all the basics your skin needs.

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